The golden promises of Sam Lavoie

At this time here is a race for the presidency of the Young Liberals of Canada, the outcome of which will be known at the Liberal Convention happening in Vancouver this week.

Earlier this week I gave my support to John Lennard. John is a great guy, full of ideas and energy. His most serious competitor is Sam Lavoie, also from Quebec.

At the last General Council, I was chatting with a group of people and I noticed a young guy that I had never met. I asked John Lennard who he was, so he introduced me to …. Sam Lavoie, since Sam seemed too shy to make the introduction himself.

Since then, some people have given their support to either one or the other Presidential candidate. Having met both, I can say that after just a few minutes of conversation one realizes that John Lennard is a leader, unlike Sam Lavoie. That is why every time someone gives their support to Sam Lavoie, I hasten to ask: « Why? »!

Here, the answers are clear: Sam Lavoie has promised something. Yes, during the election campaign, one must make promises. But there is a clear distinction between making general promises and promises of things to individuals. One often hears in reference to Sam, « he promised me this, he promised me that » …

I would like to take this opportunity to consult his election platform for the Young Liberals of Canada. On the French version of his website a note indicates that the French version will be available soon … but the convention begins in three days! I suppose that for a French candidate french is a lower priority, or perhaps someone else (someone English) is the one that is making the decisions on what promises he should be making …

I also learned that Sam Lavoie was VP Policy JLC for the last two years. I have been involved in the PLC for several years and neither me nor anyone I’ve spoken to is able to point out one of his achievements, in Quebec or Canada in general. Even on his website, he prefers to hide this rather important period of his life. Did he just use the funds for his presidency campaign trips across Canada?

In the end, I do not even wonder if Sam Lavoie is a good candidate for the presidency of the Young Liberals of Canada, I wonder what this candidate is doing in this race!

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  1. Braeden Caley dit :

    More nasty, personal politics against Sam Lavoie.

    I’m very proud to be supporting Sam, and I wouldn’t even dare to consider stooping to attacking John in the manner that so many of his supporters have chosen to pursue against Sam.

    Very unfortunate. Especially so close to a convention meant to unify the party.

    « Tous ensemble. »

  2. Josh Hutchinson dit :

    What a pathetic hatchet job. Really? Throwing around accusuations that candidates are promising things to individuals? That’s pretty low. I wonder who translated this for you.

  3. Josh Hutchinson dit :

    What a pathetic hatchet job. Really? Accusing candidates of promising things to individuals? That’s low. I wonder who translated this.

  4. Guys,
    I’m not trying to attack Sam Lavoie at all. I’m trying to do 2 things:
    – explaining how I met both candidates;
    – light up 2 strange things: the non-existing french version of his vision (for a french candidate), and the 2 years he has been VP Policy (not even mentionned in his bio, on his website).

    And for the « tous ensemble », don’t worry, I am the kind of liberal to be a 100% behind the one that is elected. But guys, please admit you would be the first to denonciate a candidate to an election that hides things, or that you doubt of his leadership.

    David Greg

  5. Jay Telegdi dit :

    Hey everyone,

    Lets all remember to tone it down and keep this civil. This race is over in a few days and we all want to come out of it as friends. Lets stay focused on the positive here, Vancouver is going to be awesome, Michael will be confirmed, we’ll all have fun promoting our chosen candidates then we’ll go for a drink after. Lets not say anything that will spoil that.

    Jay Telegdi

  6. Jake Sears dit :

    Hi David
    I, for one, welcome your post.
    You wrote what you experienced and believe and for that, congratulations!
    The YLC establishment are pissed that golden boy Sam has a race on his hands and that John will not bend over like many other interested youth candidates have done. So suck it up Braden and Josh.
    May the best man win!

  7. Covino and Rich dit :

    Another example of people getting upset at someone standing up against the establishment , David as raised 2 excellent questions why is the platform in english and not in french , and what as Sam done in the past 2 years . as VP policy >? maybe Braden should answer that question instead of calling David an attacker.

  8. Alexandra dit :

    John Lennard can’t be trusted.

    Childish campaign here against Lavoie

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