Pay-per-click: Lead Caps ?

For the first time I will not talk about politics, I will talk about pay-per-click.  You might already know that I work in this field, in some way.  I will use this occasion to describe the expression lead caps in both official languages in Canada, so that Google knows what it is.  Unfortunately, we cannot find anything about it, anywhere.

We could state a synonym for this expression: maximum potential contacts.  What I understand is that lead caps is the maximum potential contacts we can provide in one day.  For example:

A real estate agent can do up to 100 visits per week.  His lead cap is limited to 100/5=20 visits of houses per day.  If his website provide him 25 visits per day, he will not be able to do them all.  Then, he doesn’t have to pay for publicity after reaching this lead cap.

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  1. Mira dit :

    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evnyhtrieg!

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