How NOT to Depend on GoDaddy For Your DNS Servers

Today, GoDaddy has been hacked.

Thousands and perhaps millions of websites were unreachable. Because they were hosted on GoDaddy’s servers, or because their DNS servers were hosted there. The now-epic tweet announced

It was my case: my business had its domain name bought and registered somewhere else, but we thought that depending on the world’s largest domain provider for our DNS servers was not a bad thing. I was wrong: we never should depend on only one provider, when it’s for business use.

Tomorrow, I’ll fix that dependency. But for you, impatient GoDaddy clients, here is exactly what I am going to do.

The following instructions suppose that your DNS are currently hosted on GoDaddy’s servers.

SignUp to

Surf to and click on the « Protect Yourself » button.

Then, input your domain name (or names), and make sure you check « Secondary DNS » and « None, keep in other provider account » and « I already have mail hosting ».

Then, the service is going to ask the IP for the master DNS service. If you use GoDaddy’s service, input

At GoDaddy, sign-up for Premium DNS service for your domain.

Then, in the DNS Manager (, click on « Advanced Settings » below your domain name.

On the next screen, on the Secondary DNS tab, click « Enable », and input the DYN DNS Slaves IPS which are:

Finally, log into your domain registrar and add new NS records for your domain. If you used Dyn DNS service, they are

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